Bruce Cort has always been fascinated by aviation...

As a teenager he spent free time at the then brand-new Dulles Airport in Virginia, watching aircraft take off and land. One day a pilot with what was then Page Airways gave him a tour of a brand new Falcon 20C that belonged to Mobil Oil. The experience left a lasting impression on young Bruce.

Ten years later Bruce was working as a Sales Representative for Xerox, having quickly risen through the ranks to managing major accounts. One day, upon boarding a Xerox corporate jet, Bruce was amazed to discover that the pilot was the same gentleman who had give him a tour of the Falcon 20C all those years ago.

The encounter reaffirmed Bruce's conviction that he wanted to work in aviation, and he soon left his secure and coveted job at Xerox to work with a major reseller of corporate aircraft. After 6.5 years as an employee, Bruce elected to establish Cort & Associates, Inc. in 1987. The company has since grown into Cortjet, and Bruce has had the opportunity to build relationships with many successful and interesting clients throughout the world.